Automobiles, Light Bulbs & Batteries


Mercury can be found in many places inside your vehicle. Switches for breaks, seat belts and in the lights found inside trunks and hoods, all can contain liquid mercury. These automotive switches containing mercury are often easily and cheaply replaced and should be done so immediately. For more information on mercury switches visit the following:

Light Bulbs

Mercury vapor is used in fluorescent light bulbs because it is an incredibly efficient and environmentally friendly choice for manufacturers and consumers alike (they use up to 50% less electricity). Efficiency aside, the mercury vapors contained in fluorescent bulbs and HID lighting are highly toxic and easily absorbed by human body if the fragile bulbs are broken. These bulbs need to be handled carefully and recycled. 

For information on proper disposal methods of light bulbs containing mercury, please visit the following:


Household batteries can contain heavy metals that pollute our environment and contaminate our landfills. Cadmium, lead and mercury are found in many of these batteries and are often just thrown away with normal wastes.